Classic Car Restoration

Calling all classic car collectors, enthusiasts, and gearheads. If you’re looking to restore your classic car to its former glory, improve its performance, or maybe even get a distinctive paint job– Railyard Customs and Collision has you covered. Our resto-modifications are perfect for anyone looking to upgrade their car’s appearance or modernize its tech.

Chassis Upgrades

Drive your classic truck or muscle car into the modern age with a brand new frame for increased comfortability and better handling. Some of our basic chassis restoration services include frame fabrication, suspension upgrades, and rust removal. 

If you also plan to swap out your old engine or transmission, there’s no better time than during a chassis upgrade. 

Engine Swaps and Modifications

If your engine fails or just needs some more juice, bring it into Railyard Customs and Classics for a modern engine installation or performance modifications. While most classic car owners do their best to preserve their engines, sometimes they are just beyond repair.

The good news is that we can still swap out the old engine for a crate engine to keep your ride on the road. The only downside is that it does fundamentally change the vehicle, something that a lot of classics enthusiasts find unappealing. 

Another solution is an engine rebuild. This option is popular among car owners hoping to achieve maximum performance. If this is also your preference, Railyard Customs and Collision can build a custom engine with modern mechanical enhancements from scratch using OEM or aftermarket parts.  

Classic Car Transmission Upgrades

Aside from the engine, the transmission is one of the most important parts of any classic car. Your transmission needs to handle your speed no matter how hard you hit the gas pedal. So if you blew out your transmission or just put in a big new block rotor, now is the time to determine if you should buy an automatic or manual transmission replacement for your muscle car. 

Manual transmissions tend to be the best option for classic muscle cars because it allows you more control to anticipate and maneuver at a moment’s notice. If you plan to race your car or just value high-performance vehicles, a manual transmission will come in clutch if you need precision power boosting capabilities. 

If you plan to use your classic car as a daily driver and you’re not interested in dealing with a stick shift, an automatic transmission replacement will probably be just fine. 

Custom Automotive Paint Jobs and Paint Restoration

The last, but perhaps one of the most exciting parts of any complete restomod is the custom paint job or paint restoration. When you bring you car into the Railyard, we’ll take care of everything from stripping the existing paint and priming the metal body to applying a stunning coat of paint and buffing it to a glass-like finish.  

Palestine Resto Modifications

Restomod your classic to increase reliability, performance, handling, and drivability. Whatever car you have, and no matter its condition, Railyard Customs & Classics would be honored to help you restore it. The top cars we restomod at our Palestine shot are Camaros, Chevy and Dodge Pickups, Challengers, Impalas, and Corvettes– and that’s just the start. 

We are a full-service restomod shop, and our services include:

  • Aftermarket accessory installations
  • Engine replacements and modifications
  • Transmission replacements and modifications
  • Brake enhancements
  • Power steering
  • Paint restoration and color changes
  • Custom paint
  • Interior upgrades
  • Suspension enhancements

Railyard: Classic Car Restorations and Custom Restomod Builds

Here at Railyard, we’re passionate about upgrading and restoring classic cars, and we hope you’ll select us to help with all of your car mods. For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment, please call our Palestine auto body and collision repair shop at (903) 723-3086.

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