Truck Bedliner Installation

Truck Bedliner Installation

Lasting protection for your truck no matter what road you take. When you task Railyard Customs and Collision Palestine with installing a TOFF spray-on truck bedliner– you’ll benefit from the higher resale value of your vehicle, increased truck longevity, protection from corrosive chemicals, and daily protection from dents, dings, and paint scratches. 

Bedliners are essential for every truck owner using their vehicle as a tool for work, hauling, transportation, or any kind of heavy-duty work. Our spray-on bedliner applications give pickup trucks a clean, seamless, and finished appearance with the added benefit of long-lasting protection from abrasions. 

Increase Vehicle Life With a Reliable Protective Barrier 

Our Palestine truck bedliner installers will spray the permanent, weatherproof sealant directly on your truck bed to protect it from the elements and various contaminants. The barrier that the TOFF spray-on bedliner provides protects vehicles against corrosion, rust, scratches, dents, scrapes, and more. 

Another cool thing about this technology is that it is skid-resistant, holding important cargo in place so you don’t have to worry about your load sliding around and potentially breaking. Since the TOFF liner also uses an aerosol application method, we can also ensure the perfect fit since it will adhere perfectly to every contour and curve of your truck bed. 

Spray-On Bedliner Application Process

Before applying the bedliner, our crew removes all of the necessary hardware. Then, we drape the bed in plastic and mask any areas that don’t need to be coated to prevent imperfections. Once that’s done, we carefully abrade the truck bed and air blow it to remove any lingering dust particles. Lastly, our trained techs can use state-of-the-art equipment to achieve a uniform texture that is resistant to both impact and corrosion. 

The final result is a factory-installed look that will protect your truck for years and make hauling easier.

Industry-Leading Impact and Abrasion Protection

One of the top reasons the crew here at Railyard Customs and Collison prefer to use TOFF spray-on liner on every truck that comes into our shop is because of its trailblazing polyurethane-polyurea hybrid coating known for its flexible strength. 

Long-Lasting Durability and Increased Functionality

The spray-on truck bedliner we use has been specially engineered to ensure a seamless, custom fit that reduces corrosion, cargo movement, jolting noises, and general wear and tear to your vehicle. 

Extreme Chemical Resistance

Construction companies, mechanics, general contractors, farmers, and service providers are abundant in East Texas and the people operating within these industries have a great appreciation for the spray-on TOFF bedliners that provide the chemical resistance they need to protect their vehicles. Our truck liners are strong, durable, and capable of withstanding nearly any common chemical and some more serious ones when spills happen during transport. 

Additional Benefits Of Applying TOFF

Toff does not require drilling, rivets, bolts, or fasteners. It prevents solids or liquids from seeping under the truck bed with its watertight seal, and TOFF can withstand common chemicals like pool chlorine, diesel fuel, and fertilizers. We can also repair the protective barrier if it rips due to heavy hauling.

Railyard Bedliner Installation– Protection You Can Count On

Protect your truck for years to come with a truck bedliner installation. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (903) 723-3086 or visit our auto body repair shop in Palestine. 

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